• Rollosolutions is a certified installer of FIBARO home automation system

      After obtaining all necessary certificates and trainings, our professionals became accredited installers of  FIBARO home automation systems. This means that the company was given the opportunity to purchase and install equipment to create and operate an intelligent building automation solutions. Besides Rollosolutions, as a certified installer can offer a very attractive prices for an installation. We invite you to become more familiar with the information about the FIBARO system on our website or by clicking on the logo below.




  •  An advertisement on the rollosolutions roller shutter.

    One of the additional offers is the possibility of wrapping a roller coat with a graphical pattern. This can be any image of your choice*. In such case, closed shutters can become also a great spot for placing an advertisement. We are able to cover a new but also already existing and installed armor. For an installed armor we offer additionally a service of dismantling and reassembly of the armor back in the box.
    * Any pattern possible after accepted by the graphic designer. The final effect depends on the resolution of the image, its format and quality.


Our Offer


We offer a high quality products such as: external blinds, roller shutters, facade blinds and insect screens that are fully based on components of well-known brands.


We provide services of armor, roller shutters and gates. In addition, we offer a modernization of shutters that can be steered by radio systems. Wireless solutions enable to control shutters by smartphone.

Smart Home

We implement solutions that enable to control blinds from a smartphone. Our technology is compatible with leading manufacturers of modern home appliances.

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About Us
We are a manufacturer with many years of experience.
Our employees have commercial and technical experience in manufacturing and service. We cooperate with the best professionals in the industry and our products base on the solutions from the best known European system providers. More over what is important, we produce most of our products from what is in our offer.
Additionally, despite of manufacturing we also offer a full service concerning exploitation of roller shutters. We are capable to replace the drive, repair the armor and modernize the control system of the shutters.
We adapt the mechanisms from wire-controlled to radio controlled. We sell and install the most moderb devices that help to control home functions from your smartphone from anywhere on the globe, only with the Internet access.