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Pleated insect screen MPH HARMONY  - New!

Pleated insect screen system MPH is a solution primarily designed with the aim of providing space savings. This product is ideal for installation on the patio doors and balcony niches, where the width reaches up to 4m. The use of special pleated mesh, which when closing arranges in a zigzag pattern and hides in the side profile is a characteristic feature of this product. Thus, the insect screen takes up little space allowing optimal use of the surface. Importantly, it does not impair, in any way, the functionality of the door and does not obstruct visibility to the outside. An advantage of this solution offered by Aluprof is the possibility of separate tension control of each of the ropes controlling the insect screen, which guarantees its stable arrangement. The MPH system is characterized by an extremely smooth movement, which makes its use very simple and does not require much effort. In addition, the construction of the insect screen allows to stop it in any position. The advantage of this solution is also the low threshold that does not hinder the passage of users.The insect screen is made of extruded aluminium, which makes it durable and resistant to weather conditions, and in addition it can be varnished in any RAL colour. 

Moskitiera plisowana

The pleated insect screen Harmony has been designed to smoothly work with Rollo Solutions roller shutter with the guide channel PPMO 53.

The fixed frame mosquito net is mounted to the external side of a window frame. Due to the use of non-invading pivot catches, the mosquito net can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted, while at the same time maintaining the full functionality of windows. The mosquito net frame can be joined by means of aluminium internal corners, clamped or screwed together. The offer also includes plastic external corners, available in a wide range of colours. The system can be used with most window profiles. Catches for assembly are available in five sizes.

The opening framed mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame or jambs by means of hinges with a self-closing mechanism, whose simple construction allows the spring tension to be adjusted with an Allen key. The filling plate in the bottom part of the sash protects the net against damage when opening. The mosquito net frame can be joined by means of aluminium internal corners, clamped or screwed together with set screws. The additional reinforcement, mounted by the snap connection, allows  a bigger frame to be made.

The sliding framed mosquito net system is applicable in large glazed balcony, terrace and winter garden recesses. The mosquito net is mounted directly to the door frame or jambs. The mosquito net’s leaf moves between the upper and bottom running rail. The wide selection of them allows for the assembling of the net in various variants, to any types of windows and doors, ensuring collision-free operation with external roller shutters. The additional reinforcement, mounted by means of the snap connection, allows a bigger leaf frame to be made..

The independent roll-up Mosquito
The independent roll-up insect screen system is an excellent and extremely tight solution that secures interior spaces against insects with the possibility of closing and opening at any time. Structural elements of the screen (box, rails, endslat) are made of extruded aluminium, which ensures durability and resistance for many years of use. A special clip helps adjust the height of the mesh closure. Installing the system to the lintel is very fast and simple, thanks to the aluminium catch, which is also painted in the colour of the box. In addition, it is possible to use a restrictor, allowing the gentle and noiseless closure of the endslat to the box. This is a very aesthetic and modern solution, which, thanks to its small box fits perfectly in any recess.

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